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Near Wild Heaven

Mike Mills, Every Day!

Mike Mills, Every Day!
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Welcome to Mills Daily!

This community was created in the spirit of all those others fabulous communities that highlight the photo opportunities of our favourite artists. This one, of course, is to share photos, stories, news, aim or livejournal icons or whatever you'd like about Michael Edward Mills, the bass player/keyboardist/vocalist of R.E.M.

The Necessary, But Very Simple Rules

1. Please make sure the focus of your post is Mike Mills.

2. LJ cut is your friend. Please use it for long posts, large pictures or anything that may be regarded as a spoiler.

3. There are other communities for general R.E.M. information, Michael Stipe or Peter Buck. Please use them accordingly.

4. The community is currently under construction, therefore it isn't all in place yet. I dont know when it will. However, I am opening up to the public, so please enjoy this space and have fun!

Your moderators are loria and msmeatscience